Breathe Better Air

Most of your time is spent inside of your home and air quality is important as it can affect the overall health of you and your family. The EPA shows that poor IAQ results in reduced productivity and adverse health effects, including asthma, headaches, and respiratory infections.

Indoor air quality (AIQ) is affected by many factors. The most common pollutants are: VOCs (volatile organic compounds), lead, pesticides, asbestos, combustion-related (nitrogen-dioxide, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke), radon, and mold. These pollutants enter the air through off-gassing. Here are some ways you can bring the Green to your home and life by improving air quality:

•Install “Green Label” carpeting, padding, and adhesives to prevent harmful chemicals from off-gassing.

•Use low/no VOC paints, materials, and wallpaper. VOCs can be found in paints, lacquers, adhesive removers, carpet, cleaning supplies, pesticides, wood preservatives, furniture, and cabinets.

•Be sure the wood in your home is certified to meet low-formaldehyde standards.

•Use an organic pesticide.

•Change your air filters regularly.

•Have your air ducts insulated, cleaned, and sealed.

•Let nature help clean your air by using house plants to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.